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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 6, 2011, 6:29 PM
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Commission me!
As of right now, I'll be sending any proceeds from my commissions to my best friend magical-hachiko, who has to move out and will need to raise as much money as she can in the next two months! She is selling all of her figures as well, so please take a look:…
The following prices are negotiable, and if you're looking for something else (a larger comic project or animation, for example) I'm open to that too! Check my gallery, email me at, or note me for more examples.

Mini sketches: $1 ($2 inked, $3 colored, $5 for a sheet of 6-8)
Sketches in the style of those often found on my blog.
J-channel sketch page by Tozoku
Sketch: $3 (full-body, more detail than above)
Notions - Christmas in the Air by Tozoku
Ink: $4 (optional gradient)
HAPPY FICTIONAL BOSSUDAY by Tozoku Oreimo Christmas by Tozoku
Traditional color: $6 (Colored pencil, watercolor, or marker)
Balloon Adventure Time by Tozoku MAX: Steampunk Family Portrait by Tozoku Green Lantern's Booklight by Tozoku Fighting evil by gel pen light by Tozoku Step Into Isshu by Tozoku
Digital color: $8
MAX: Fuwa Fuwa Brand New by Tozoku Beach of Dragons by Tozoku World's End Dancehall by Tozoku
Extra characters: add $2 ($3 for colored image)
Detailed background: add $1

Comics: starts at $5 per page, but basically case-by-case - note me!
J's Daily Life Comix: Week 2 by Tozoku Notions: Preview Comic by Tozoku City of Notions: New Year 1 by Tozoku

Writing: Depends. I can write stories, fanfiction, poems, etc. of any length, or help edit yours - just note me and we'll work something out!
The Scientist INow he's churning out science the way you and I only dream we could make our words flow out onto the page. He is flicking things with spindly fingers, slicing thin cuts with a thin blade along a thin line. His is a tangible magic, something in the flecks of starlit genius in his eyes, or in the shine of the smooth dark pin that holds back his hair. Do you see the way the tools and chemicals and all manner of dead things come to life in his hands? Whatever he is researching is surely within his grasp – whatever he is inventing will surely burst forth at any moment now in a shower of brilliance. He will throw up his right hand triumphantly and shout something in French.
Surely his background must be impossibly posh. His father collects bear rugs or elk heads or vice versa or both, sitting in a study that one describes in words steeped in leather and mahogany, peering over his spectacles with tired but piercing eyes. His mother is thin and fragile and heartbreakingly pretty. Both of
You and me and this quarterIt's just you and me and this quarter
So listen -
Let's just forget everything and go.
We'll each pick a direction and then we'll flip a coin:
Heads we take on the fields of forgotten snow
Where our boots will stomp the ice
And show the sky, for a few minutes at least, that we are alive;
Tails we'll hit the railroad tracks
We'll chase the trains and outrun them or ride their spines
To anywhere.
Or if it lands on its side and points skyward,
Baby, that's where we'll go.
We'll catch the first plane out of here
And make a life for ourselves wherever we land.
Time can't wait anymore and neither can I, so get up.
We depart at dawn.
The world's a starfish, a snowglobe in our hands.
It was no use; Elijah was staring at that girl again. Alex sighed and tried to turn back to the window, but her gaze kept drifting back toward Eli. She just couldn't figure it out. The way Eli looked at Addie wasn't anything like the way she herself looked at Eli: her expression had all the hallmarks of a typical seventh grade girl with a major crush on a boy, but his was more like a child studying a pet and anticipating its next movement – intent and unwavering, with the occasional biting of his lower lip (a habit Alex found adorable). If he was blinking, she had yet to see it; and while she had to admit that it was funny to watch sometimes, more often it just tore at her heart and set her mind whirling far away from her geography class.
Today, as the clean light of the outside world fell into their classroom and on Eli's soft blond hair, she was trying to recall if she had ever even seen Eli talking to Addie. What kind of relationship could it possibly be if the two never i

I'll draw just about anything that's not super adult/explicit (I should also note that mecha and burly dudes are not my strong suits). = w=; Drop me a note or email if you're interested~ Thanks!

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makktheknife Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
brb I send all my money to hachi
magical-hachiko Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Hobbyist
; w; Thank you, bby.
magical-hachiko Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011  Hobbyist
New header is cute! > w<

Could I commission a header, my love? :3
Tozoku Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
derp of course
I can probably do it tonight or tomorrow, I just wish they'd call school already so I could be sure. >:U
magical-hachiko Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011  Hobbyist
Yay! > w< So $8 for digital color?

That's okay, bby~ Take your time. :3
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